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Trim Scare

I’d done everything else recommended by the CG Method: toss out sulfate and silicone products, figure out your best washing schedule depending on my own hair’s needs and transition, don’t use a brush & only use a wide toothed comb in the shower (if at all), and scrunch with a t-shirt (instead of a towel) to dry my hair. I had done everything else, except get my hair trimmed.

The trim had me nervous. I knew I needed it – I had needed it for a while. Before, I’d have said something like, “I need less hair. Let’s lose the curls, but not so short that it spikes.”

Now that I have fallen in love with my curls, I had a (silly) fear that the curls would not come back, so I made a plan: Only cut half-an-inch off the tips, to get rid of the split and stripped ends that fray and add to my fuzzy mane plus a little off the left and right back corners to shape it up.

I went to Head Start, where I have gone for the past 5 years, hoping they might be understanding about my new curly head. keep-calm-live-curly

I walked in and she said, “Hi. I have never seen your hair that long.”
She asked about my curls and what I wanted. She listened, asked questions, and did what I asked. I left feeling very good about the experience – until I got to a bathroom and looked in a mirror, again. The cut was good and shaped well, and my hair was wavy, but there were no individual curls anywhere. I told myself it was due to her spraying it and pulling the hair during the cutting that separated the curls. It would be alright. Worse case, it would grow back. I put it out of my mind and went on with my day, avoiding looking in a mirror the rest of the day.

This morning, I conditioned my hair in the shower and scrunched it with a t-shirt. I stepped out and wiped off the mirror, then I grinned at myself. If anything, I might have had more curls this morning than before the trim. Before the trim, I could feel my hair slap my ears when I shook my head, today, I feel my curls brush against my ears.


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