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Curly Guy – Week 1

CG, Curly Girl, Curly Guy…. Get it? Good.

According to the CG Method, the first 1-3 weeks can be a “transition” as the scalp and hair get used to the change in washing frequency and product(s) used, mostly as the oil production levels out when not being stripped by sulfates and hair not being smothered by silicones.

I was rarely in the habit of washing my hair every day, preferring every other or third day between shampoos. My hair washing frequency was dictated by the point when I could not stand the oily state of my hair.

I have learned, from the book and online research, that the overly oily state of my hair was
mostly my fault: Washing with a sulfate shampoo stripped the natural oils and my scalp made extra oil to try to replenish what was lost.

co-washAfter dumping my shampoo, I went looking for something I could use that was CG friendly. After a false start trying something that made my curls feel wonderful, I found out that it contained a silicone, so I kept looking. Again, after much reading, research, and comparison, I settled on a Co-Wash – Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser

Sunday, I co-washed my hair for the new week. Monday, I got up and my hair stuck out in crazy directions. It was curly, but I couldn’t go to work looking like a mad scientist, so I co-washed again. My hair was clean and wonderful. I went to work feeling better after a shower than I had in a long time. Tuesday morning came and my hair looked good-ish, but lacked the curly freshness of Monday, so not knowing what I could do, I co-washed again and headed off to work.

Tuesday, through still more reading, I alleviated my concern of “over-conditioning” my hair (okay, laugh it up, but having never conditioned my hair before this, I just didn’t know.) Additionally, I found out that many other “curlies” seek something that they can apply, spray or spritz to their hair on the 2nd or 3rd day to revive their curls, too.

Since I don’t, typically, move a lot while asleep, I made a concerted effort, Tuesday night, to smooth my hair against the pillow before I went to sleep. This morning, my hair was mostly in the right places – nothing sticking straight up – so a few spread-finger fluffs to wake up my curls and I was ready to meet my day.

I’ve only been at this for a week, but my transition, probably helped by my not stripping my hair every day, is going pretty smoothly. I still need to get my long needed trim, but I’m thinking that I just need that – a trim – instead of a chopping of everything that even looks wavy.

I’m not looking to get crazy paying all this attention to my hair, but like anyone, I want my hair to look good.

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