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Writing 101 Day 10

[Writing 101, Day Ten: Happy (Insert Special Occasion Here)!
Today, be inspired by a favorite childhood meal. For the twist, focus on infusing the post with your unique voice.]


This will sound odd to a lot of people, but the special occasion was eating out. There was not one particular food, but the rarity of eating at a restaurant.


I did not see us as poor or rich. I thought we were just like everybody else, at least until I was in middle school. Dad traveled a lot for work, so he would drive out early Monday morning and return sometimes very late Friday evening. Many early mornings, in the dark small hours, we would be in the car dropping or picking Dad at the airport. On the weekends, we would do all the normal chores around the house and yard. Additionally, we would spend weekends at my maternal grandparents’ farm, where we would plant and weed, then pick, shuck, peel, cook, can, and freeze anything that came out of the garden. Also, we burned wood in the fireplace, at home, so we would spend most winter weekends and some in the late fall on the land around the farm cutting, chopping, stacking and restacking wood to keep us warm through the cold times.


Because Dad traveled all week, staying in hotels and eating out all the time, what he really wanted, when he came home, was a home-cooked meal. We, rarely, ate out.
When we did, whether fast food, because we had a coupon, or some sit-down restaurant, it was always a special time.

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