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2012 – the Mayan Apocalypse – pishaw!

21 December 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, the day is here!

Do you have your “go” bag ready? Got all your money converted into gold? Put the gun safe on speed dial?

OK, here it comes……






well, what did you expect, really?

The Mayan Calendar, like ours, cycles from beginning to end then starts over, duh.

As it turns out, today is the end of their long calendar, the one that marks off an Age. An Age being 5125 years.

What makes this ending special is that this is also the ending of the 26000 year cycle (5 ages) where our sun lines up with the center of the galaxy and the Earth completes a full wobble on its axis.

Ok, so everybody take a breath….




So what does the next age have in store for us? Peace, Love, Understanding, or War, Hatred, Misdirection and Paranoia?

Is this, finally, the fabled Age of Aquarius?

or is the Zombie Apocalypse just around the corner? (where’d I put my go bag?)

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