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NaBloPoMo 2011: Day 28 – piss poor monday

28 November 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

This morning, Starbuck (the more well-behaved, smarter, and taller of our two Shelties) got sick after eating something she shouldn’t have. She would puke in every room she moved into and on whatever piece of furniture she was on (pillow, sofa, rug, etc.). This morning was spent, in addition to the scramble that is Monday morning getting us to work and the kids to school, following after the dog, cleaning her new spots and tossing things into the washer. In addition, the forecast for this afternoon calls for intermittent rain and snow changing to snow after midnight (snow day tomorrow?). So, I am in a winner of a mood leaving the house this morning.

Judging by the smell, I figure that the dog couldn’t wait to get outside this morning and … “recycled,” leaving her with an upset stomach. The commute, of course, circles around the morning’s activities and the phrase “piss poor” emerges to describe the morning, along with the nugget of wisdom that no creature should ever consume their own waste. Then, the subject of people who claim the health benefits of drinking one’s own morning urine.

The comedy of the situation, disgusting and absurd, suddenly hits me and a tune emerges from my lips. After the 2nd or 3rd time the kids cover their ears to keep from having the song in their heads all day (good luck!).

Singing, as if a drinking song:
“If you don’t wanna have a piss poor day, drink rich piss in the morn-ing!”

… sometimes you have to giggle.

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