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NaBloPoMo 2011: Day 22 – New “National” Months

22 November 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Two years ago, after some coaxing, I attempted and completed NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), during which I wrote 50000 words of a new story. It was a really hard thing to average over 1500 words for every day in the middle of  the US Holiday Season. Last year, I did NaBloPoMo and am doing so again this year. It still takes commitment, but significantly less typing than the 1500+ words of the WriMo’s.

This year I am thinking that we need some new, different, National goals for this time of year (because we are all not busy enough). Firstly, we need to define what this “time of year” is – The Holiday Season Months (THoSMos) run from the 3rd week of October, just before Halloween, to the 2nd week of January, when we are starting to remember what year it is when we write checks.

We have the existing acronyms:

Some new alphabet soup for you:

  • NaEnTHoSMos – National Enjoy The Holiday Season Months, where we put all this extra stuff aside (and as much of the everyday work as we can manage) until after New Year’s and enjoy the time with our friends and family… the reason for the season, after all.
  • NaHESaSotHBiMos – for those of us that are stretched a bit thinner in the wallet than others, we have National Have Extra Sex and Save on the Heating Bill Months
  • NaCLYC – the traditional National Christmas Light Yard Competition or as it is also known, MCDeCaBeSFroS (My Christmas Decorations Can Be Seen From Space -or- “I just paid off last year’s power bill! Flick the switch, baby.” )
  • HHMHO is hard to pronounce, as it sounds like a grunt or muffled sneeze, and is also known as the time of year when dressing for dinner means putting on sweat pants,  Happy-Happy-Merry-Happy-O is the description of our holiday season: Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, OH MY GOODNESS! I Can’t believe I ate so much. I, hereby, resolve to lose all this weight and I’m never going to do that again (until Halloween).
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