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Character Backstory: Malina

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I have only a few images of my life before. I can remember snarls, growls, a shimmer of light as if reflected on steel or water and blinding, searing pain, then nothing for a time. Sometime after, I have an image of snow on a bright cold day. A few sprigs of green poke through the snow and I feel wet, cold and mostly numb. I realize that I cannot move my head and hardly can hear. I did not notice the buzzing until it comes very close and then lands on my ear. I am so amazed that I could hear and feel its touch that I forgot all about being scared. I remembering feeling calm and I whispered a prayer to Calistria, hoping that this buzzing thing was a wasp and would carry my prayer to her ear. I prayed for her strength so that I could live long enough to find and seek my vengeance on those that hurt me. I could not hear my voice, but hoped that the whispered croak that came from my lips might please Calistria. I never heard the buzzing thing leave.

The next thing I remember, I am wrapped in blankets and facing a roaring fire. The sky is dark, dotted with shimmering points, wavering in the heat and smoke. I hear words to my left and realizing that I cannot turn my head, strain my eye toward the voice. I am guessing that my right eye is swollen as I cannot see out of it. To my left, a man is praying and chanting softly. Most of his words are a blur to my memory, but I hear Calistria’s name and then drift off to sleep, confident that she heard my prayers, and answered them.

Kyn, a half-elven priest of Calistria, was on his way back from a pilgrimage to Mendev, or so he told me, when he found me. He told me that had it not been for the several wasps buzzing around my body, he would not have seen me, as more than a corpse, by the side of the road. At first, he did not even know what I was. My wounds were so grievous; they were beyond his ability to heal, even with Calistria’s help.

She touched me; she breathed into me and gave me life enough to survive the long journey to one of her sacred houses. Having to carry me, because I could not walk, the journey to Daggermark took us a month to complete, and I could only manage to walk slowly during the last few days of that. Kyn brought me to the Pleasure House, and the sacred prostitutes and priests there instantly took me in.

Because of my injuries, it took me the rest of that year to recover. I have only a few fleeting images of my life before, I do not remember my parents, family, where I was from or going, or even my name. The sisters have called me Malina, which means Blue in the Common tongue, because my eyes are a bright ice blue. They tell me that I am pretty and tall for a human girl and especially compared to one of their kind – they are all half-elves, like Kyn. At the end of that year, on the first day of Calistril, I became one of her sacred prostitutes, dedicated to Calistria and preparing myself to do whatever she bade me.

Calistria has touched me and granted me a great boon, longer life to serve her and avenge our enemies. She has treated me as one of her own, even before I was one, so her enemies are now mine. My longevity caused celebration at first, and then some planning, because it is obvious that there is a plan for me. I have had to move to other pleasure houses every few years, so it is not obvious to anyone outside the order.

It has been 52 years since Calistria guided Kyn to find and rescue me. He died two years ago, today. Since then, I have trained, at the Pleasure Salon in Absalom, to fulfill Calistria’s plan for me. I am her chosen. I have taken up her whip and I will avenge in her name.

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