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Character Backstory: Fijjit Liint

14 November 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

My first memories are of Wispil, though other Gnomes ran the place, I was not liked, by them nor anyone else. I only had one friend, Loni, and she was more like a sister to me than a friend. I never knew my own parents. Loni took me into her family and introduced me to her friends. I have known her longer than anyone else, and I trust no one else, not really. Loni got me involved with a bunch of kids that did odd jobs. We’d go around and help the loggers carry their saws and such back from the forest for a copper or two, wash clothes, pick the garden, or whatever needed doing. I know how to stretch a copper until it screams. I always liked to dance but Loni could barely walk and talk at the same time – but she knew everyone, and almost everyone, especially the guys, really liked her. She seemed to always have more money than me, but she did some special jobs, usually at night or when there was no logging to be done, so I didn’t begrudge her the extra coin.

One day, a troupe of bards came through town, and I began helping out. I got carried away and swimmy headed in the music and began dancing. The players loved it, and so, too, did the onlookers. After that day I would dance for a little coin from time to time. Though the loggers were happy for the new entertainment, their coins were few. A couple of times a year the bards would come back through and began asking me to join them in their trooping. Early one Summer, I agreed, after a particularly hard spring of little work and some trouble in town – monsters roaming out of the forest at night. A tearful goodbye with Loni and I made my way to the big city to dance for my money.

I was only here a year before Loni appeared in front of me. I was surprised that she had been in the city for three months already. I was more surprised when she said she had a job and wanted me in. Since then, Loni and I work together sometimes. I use my moves to make money in the day and in the shadows, too.

I am constantly surprised at the compliments and attention I get. I never thought of myself as that good-looking, actually. I’ve taken to coloring my hair from time to time as I have seen other Gnomish women do. I always thought of myself as a pretty plain, brown-haired, brown-eyed, 34-inch tall girl. Though I don’t see it, I definitely use it.

Loni introduced me to a beautiful and graceful tien woman, Tia. Loni does jobs for her and I have learned to improve my dancing under her tutelage. Tia revealed to me that instead of teaching me dancing, she was teaching me a fighting style – one I have used quite effectively at her direction. Now, I have two jobs.

My fame is increasing, it seems. I heard something the other day that made my giggle… You gots a problem? Don’t fret it – Fijjit.

Oh yeah, that’s me – I’m Fijjit.

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