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NaBloPoMo 2011: Day 8

Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular event (Guest Post by Adrienne McDonnell, author of The Doctor and the Diva)

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who have direct, personal experiences on this topic, just from this summer.

Just over 25 years after the Super Tornado Outbreak of April 1974, we have the 2011 Super Outbreak, where April 27 was the deadliest tornado day in the United States since the 1925 “Tri-State” outbreak. Wikipedia has excellent articles on these events. I can only speak from my experiences. I have written a lot on this blog about our experiences and will link to the articles and pick a few to quote.

Posts: https://cacopeland.wordpress.com/category/tornado/

I got in the hall and we all held on to the kids, the dogs and each other.

At 1714, the Tornado passed very near our house. The house was shaking, and the wind was howling so loudly that we didn’t hear the hundreds of trees falling around the neighborhood. We felt the big crashes as the 6 big trees fell on our house. From where I was sitting, I could see out the back window, through the porch, and all I could see was green blurs as the leaves were blown around just off the porch.

The wind was whooshing, the trees crashed into our house, the walls were shaking like when you try to pull a pole up out of the ground… wiggle, pull, wiggle, pull. I was thinking that this might be the end and the walls would come crashing down at any moment. Waiting for the roof to give up and crash down on us all, I thought, maybe it was a good thing we hadn’t cancelled my “extra” life insurance policy.

At 1720 it was over. I came out and was dumbstruck by the destruction. Our backyard was covered in trees and leaves, 6 big trees has crashed into our house and it has held them up. We were alive and unharmed, albeit scared out of our wits. Toni called her sister and told them to get to the storm shelter, it was big and coming their way.

The largest tree, the one we had been worried about for a while, had fallen on our bedroom and a branch had punctured thru the metal roof, the shingles and wood roof, and our bedroom ceiling. Sheetrock and insulation was everywhere. The roof joists and rafters were cracked and broken, but the roof held the weight. Structural Damage, oh no! I tried to call the insurance company immediately – no answer.

Toni feared for the house collapsing, so she said grab what you can and we’re leaving. I grabbed a bag from the attic, seeing that the breaks went all the way to the peak. I cleared off the driveway, though the shade from our backyard now hung off the front of our roof and the power lines were hanging off the roof.The big tree between us and the Haygums crashed into their house. I backed the cars out without touching the limbs nor the power lines. We loaded up with clothes, papers, meds, the dogs, the dragon and laptops and headed out. We got one house away before we could go no further – blocked in. We returned to the house.

Grabbing the cooler, I tried to collect water for when the water failed too – it was brown, contaminated.

We venture outside and are flabbergasted by the destruction. the trees are all pushed toward the path of the core tornado. Behind the houses across the street, the trees are snapped off. It was so close. Every time the wind gusts a little, a new alert cry goes out that another one is headed this way and we all cringe for the next one that gets what this one missed, but no second one comes.

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