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Day 7: Cleanup Continues

4 May 2011

One Week Later … Cleanup continues

It was very nice sleeping in the bed, though fiberglass insulation must have gotten on the sheets as they were very itchy. The CPAP was a wonderful change from sleeping upright in the chair. The stump grinders arrived this morning before Toni and the kids left for school. They have worked for 2 hours sawing, grinding, and shoveling. They grind the root ball to dirt, not only the stump.

I have reported the outage to AT&T and they estimate a Saturday reconnection. Comcast gave me a recording that said they were working as fast as they can to restore services and claimed high call volume, inviting me to call back later.

FEMA was very nice and I got a registration number for our disaster. They are sending information for us on what services and help we can get access to.

All of the stumps in the back yard have been ground to mulch, the broken hanging limbs have been cut and the remaining tree trunk has been cut off at the property line. The back yard is looking more like a back yard and less like a stump yard.

I’m still awaiting the insurance adjuster and contractor to arrive and that process started.
I am looking forward to the meal being made for us by Norma.

The italian meal made for us was wonderful – Salad, two kinds of pastas, mini pizzas, sparkling grape juice, and even a desert of ice cream and chocolate cake. It was a glorious meal and we are all full and happy. On returning home, the kids all started their own journals of their feelings and experiences through this. Some of them didn’t want to or didn’t want to put in the detail that would help them work through the feelings. I was exhausted by week’s activities, so I went to bed and slept for 10 hours. I guess I needed it.

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