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Day 5: Normal is not Normal

2 May 2011

Back to Normal

Our definition of “normal” has changed from what it was before Wednesday. Our normal now includes light by flashlight and generator, MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), relief assistance and tons of trees and stumps around our broken house and yard.

Not realizing this, we all got up and went about our old normal Monday – kids to school, us to work at universities. My day was filled with reliving the event sharing with everyone there. Toni was torn up by the sight of Alberta, ripped to shreds. I took the kids to school via 15th Street, McFarland, and River Road. They got to see another type of destruction – flat land. The kids assisted in the relief efforts during their school day.

After picking them, and navigating towards home, Toni ended up behind us as we tried to pass thru Druid Hills into Arcadia and was blocked by a cop, claiming that we could not enter because of power utility work. We went to Terri’s to have some food and visit before returning home at 8p – curfew, to our house.

Fueled up the generator and ran it all night (11 hours), but because of the running to Brookwood and back had no time for other supply gathering.
Normal is not Normal anymore.

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