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Day 3

30 April 2011

Up at 0700 this morning. Set Toni’s Camera from 12MP to 5MP so we can take more pictures. I took another round of pictures of the house, and damage, and remaining trees, now that the house is out from under the trees/debris.

Toni went out to get tarps this morning. Dane and Miro with Pascal and Dane’s grandson arrived with 2 chain saws. We all worked to move the largest blocks of wood away from the house and fence. Using the largest logs and wheels of wood, we built “Fort Bitch” a paddock for the dogs to allow them some room to get outside. It looks like an old fort wall, of tree trunks, only shorter. The remaining brush is at the street now too. We went to Margaret’s house to help move her two largest trees from her back yard.

Brandon brought the generator from Gran Gran, after their power was restored before she got a chance to use it. We used the generator to wash a load of our dirtiest clothes. Kathy and Bill called later, and invited us to their party for the relief workers, already in progress (I think to prevent us from fretting about bringing something). We put down the MRE’s we were figuring out how to “cook” and went to the party.

It was good to get away from the destruction for a while and spend time with people who really understood what it was like, appreciating it all the more. I, Forest, Mitchelle, and River took the offer to have a hot shower while there. It felt good to get the grime off.

It was nearly 2200 when we left their house, and the kids were all worried about us breaking curfew. Toni assured that no one would care that we were out eating at a friend’s house till after curfew. Turning on to our street, we were surprised by a police car on the street in front of our house, blue lights flashing. After a moment’s panic, we saw that he was just patrolling, and we pulled into our driveway.

After the giggles settled down, we settled in for some needed sleep.

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