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The Zone

Yesterday, my allergies, which I had kept at bay, broke loose and I felt the scratch in the back of my throat that indicated a possible cold/allergy event.

Though I slept pretty well last night, I felt tired (nearly worn out) upon waking. I had toyed with the idea of skipping my walk, but today is “Spring Training: Walking Wednesday” and the last weigh-in for Strive to Scale Back so I felt the need to make an effort to take part.

While walking, today, I experienced something that I had heard my neighbor (a runner) mention from time to time – I glimpsed “the zone.”

The first time it happened, I realized it as my mind came back. My vision blurred out and I only barely recognized that the movement around me were people. A feeling of peace settled in that pushed any thoughts of quitting, or the pain in my ankle, or the heat or, mostly, the other people from my awareness.  I was walking, the music  thumping in my ears to the beat of my footfalls, and if I could have stayed in the zone, I could have just walked away.

Alas, I was walking around the quad. All too soon, the corner of the quad came up and I had to refocus my attention around the corner. For the rest of the walk, I could get back in the zone on each side of the quad, albeit briefly, until something intruded on my attention. The feeling was similar to a walking meditation, but instead of being unaware of anything and moving slowly, all I could feel was the thump at my ears and my feet.

I understand better how people can exercise for long periods.

After 45 minutes of walking, I feel better.

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