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I have craved a Latte since this morning.

This is not one of those… Oh, it sure would be nice to have a Latte… types of cravings.

This is one of those muscle shaking, thought consuming, OMFG, if I don’t get a Latte, and I mean RFN, Mister, I am gonna lose it!! … kind of cravings.

A Pepsi this morning calmed the beast for a while. An early lunch and a thunderstorm shooed the beast back into his cave for a bit. Now, the rain is mostly over and the sky has turned puffy white cleaved by holes filled with blue.

Again, I am quivering with the CRAVING!

I am trying to hold out and keep busy.  I can feel the beast behind my eyes, straining to take over.

I found myself in the hall, a few minutes ago, walking toward the stairs. The next time, I may find myself crossing the street.

I am straining NOT to Yield.

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