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6S March: Approaching Storm

The challenge is to write a Six Sentences style posting using the 5 Podictionary words of the day from the previous week: kerfuffle, clock, canopy, storm, leech.

Sitting up, his eyes scanned around for the clock. His kerfuffled brain not realizing the early hour from the lack of any light beyond the tent’s canopy, the red numbers bathe him in an eerie glow. The flash of blinding light proceeded a blast of earth-shaking sound by only a fraction of a second, signaling the storm’s arrival. He knew that the rain would be moving in at any time to leach away any heat left, carrying it away in the torrent. Thanking himself for having the foresight to pitch his tent underneath the out cropping of rock, he pulls up the sleeping bag and waits. Absently scratching at the place where the leech had attached during his bath, he wonders if the rain will awaken her.

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