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House Concert: A.J. Roach & Raina Rose

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WHEN: March 9, 2010 ~ 8:00 p.m.(EST) (CST – 7 p.m. / MST – 6 p.m. / PST – 5 p.m. / AT – 4 p.m.)

WHERE: The Blue Ridge Concert Cabin ~ 8366 Aska Rd, Blue Ridge, GA (Aska Adventure Area)

RSVP: All concerts are considered Private events and are by invitation only. Invitations may be by your association with us on Facebook, by personal email you received or by word of mouth. If you would like to attend, please RSVP ~ Send Email. “A word to the wise is sufficient” – Seating is limited and this one is certain to fill up, so act quickly!

The Blue Ridge Cabin Concert Series in association with Whole Wheat Radio are very pleased to have A.J.Roach and Raina Rose with us for a very special evening! The “Rose’s & Roach’s Tour” will be traveling from Charlotte, NC on their way to Decatur, GA and will be stopping in Blue Ridge, GA to provide us a very special and intimate night of music. Randy & Norma Bean along with Kip and Shelley Draper will be co-hosting the event.

Norma and I met A.J. Roach one evening while in Nashville, TN at a Danny Schmidt show at the Basement. A.J. was there with Danny on their way to Folk Alliance in Memphis. You know they say first impressions are lasting ones? Well it’s true. We sat down with A.J. and Danny and enjoyed great music, conversation, and beverages. It was like sitting down and visiting with long time friends. Before we left, A.J. gave us a copy of both of his CD’s, which quickly became favorites.

A.J. Roach’s music is more than just lyrics and notes. Each song is a masterful tale, steeped in rich tradition, some with haunting melodies taking the listener deep in Appalachia and the roots from which A.J. was raised. When A.J. released his first CD, Dogwood Winter in 2003, it prompted eminent songwriter, Tom T. Hall to declare AJ “a true poet”, and to cite one of the songs on ‘Dogwood Winter’ (Hard Bein’ Right) as his “new theme song”. Legendary BBC Radio 2 personality, Bob Harris would place ‘Dogwood Winter’ in regular rotation on his weekend radio show and would later name the record as one of his year-end favorites. A.J.’s latest CD, Revelation’ debuted on the Euro-Americana chart at #16 and quickly found it’s way to the #1 spot. A.J.’s latest CD, Revelation’ debuted on the Euro-Americana chart at #16 and quickly found it’s way to the #1 spot.

Raina Rose is considered one of the upcoming shining stars in folk music today. “If a bottle of champagne could sing, it would sound a lot like Raina Rose: positively effervescent, sparkling with youthful exuberance — she’s a joy.” – Tracy Grammer. I was excited when contacting A.J. about the concert to be informed that Raina would be touring with him. Raina will have just released her latest CD, When May Came, and I know the folk of the Blue Ridge area are going to fall in love with Raina and her music.

There are plenty of links on this page to provide you with detailed bios on both A.J. and Raina. If you’ve read this far then you’ll have no problem finding those links and reading all of the great press stuff and other information. What I would like you to do is to plan on attending this event. You can do so either by sending an RSVP to the email address below and join us at the cabin or you can virtually attend this live concert event online at the links provided on this page.

In addition to the audio on Whole Wheat Radio, Kip will be streaming video of the concert at Ustream.tv.
$15.00 Suggested Donation ~ All of which will go to the artist in support and appreciation for the evening. Artist CD’s will also be available at the concert.

Listen: Listen live from the Blue Ridge Cabin on Whole Wheat Radio

Watch: Watch live at Ustream.tv

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