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Spring for a day

Yesterday was a wonderful almost-Spring day on the University of Alabama campus.

almost-Spring in January People were out on the quad during lunch. Someone had brought their dog, another pair had a frisbee arcing through the air, people sat on the library steps, and still others enjoyed the warmth of the day by spreading blankets and taking a rest or a picnic.

The sun was bright, the sky blue, and the atmosphere cheerful. People poured onto the quad on their way places just to soak up some of the sun before being forced back indoors.

It was so striking a sight, opposed to the cloudy and cold days we have had, of late, that I wanted to capture the day and share the scene as I had my walk.

Today, however, as I did my 40 minutes around the quad, the sun was gone, replaced with heavy clouds. I, briefly, considered hoofing it indoors, but plugged my earbobs in and went out. With the Failed Cities’ Hath a Darkness playing in my ears, I circled the quad.

As I completed my first lap facing the brisk breezes that made me roll my sleeves down and wish I had grabbed my sweatshirt off the door beforehand and chilling my hands, ears and cheeks to pink, the sleet began to fall. The shower did not last long, about 5 minutes, but all I could do, while listening to Winter Wonderland, from the Dark Christmas album was laugh and pick up my pace.

By the time I had completed my 3rd lap and headed back to the office (2.5 miles), my exposed skin was numb. As I sit in the warm office, typing, my skin tingles like the sound metal makes when cooling down – tink, tink, t-tink.

As opposed to yesterday, the quad greeted only us few determined walkers and joggers and the few  fully bundled souls walking, as directly as possible, between buildings. As I passed buildings, the glass doors were filled with the faces of young women, searching for sings of the bus’s approach, so they could minimize their time in the cold.

Today makes me appreciate yesterday, even more.

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