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Old Friends

16 December 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

From time to time, a particular feeling comes over me and I think, “I wonder whatever happened to ____________ …,” where the name of an old friend from college would appear in the blank.

I have played this game for several years, finding people with whom I have lost touch – some for decades – going back as far as high school. It seemed to me that I was the only one that wondered about other people, as I would do searches for myself, just to make sure that I was easy to find, in the case that someone wanted to contact me, though no one had. (Maybe it was because no one wanted to find me, hmmm.) Facebook has made this search much easier. The searching is so much easier that I have reconnected with many people from decades gone by and I am left with another feeling…

Who are these people and Who was I?

I remember who they were when I was who I was then, but I have come to realize that, though some of these people were friends, band mates, class mates, comrades, or even lovers, I have very little in common with them today, aside from a shared time many years ago.

I realized this disconnect almost immediately out of High School and I have never attended a reunion because of it. I just had no desire to try and reconnect with people with whom I have little, if anything, in common, other than that we attended the same small school in a small town in the 1980s.

I have come to realize the same thing about these “old friends” from college. I have had to change my thoughts relating to them, because I have old friends – people with whom I have been friends, and continue to be, for years – but these people are not in that category. These people are now, mostly, people I knew once upon a time. There are some of them with which I would like to reconnect, so they can be new friends (albeit with a bit of shared history).

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