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NaNoWriMo: Wrap Up

28 November 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

In October, when first considering whether to do NaNoWriMo or not this year, I thought about the two other projects I have underway. I thought about, perhaps, using the time as an effort to finish off one of the stories I already had, instead of creating something completely new. I know that the concept is to start with a new idea and write, but I was now sure I wanted a third active project.

The answer was simple. So I would not have to do a lot of world building, this story takes place in the same world as one of my other projects, but several years beforehand – a prequel. The world rules are the same, just the story is different. I could do that. It was a new story without having to reinvent the universe in the process.

Here I am, many, many words later, but the story is about half done. I have a third project, but one I want to tell and share. Some of you may not follow the other social media avenues where I share my thoughts, so I will give you a copy of the synopsis here.

My NaNoWriMo Story: Classes


When two of the hottest movie stars, Kevin and Cathy Jones, announced that they were expecting their first child, the entertainment world began chattering about the passing of the torch. When reporters asked about the baby’s gender and the parents responded that they did not know and wanted to be surprised, everyone thought them quaint and adorable. When it was reported that the Kevin and Cathy had twins, a boy and a girl, everyone was surprised and delighted. When it was revealed that Kyle was born a protector and not an entertainer, like his twin sister and parents, the entertainment world collectively gasped. Mixed families happen from time to time, but not in entertainment and especially not for reigning entertainment royalty.

In a society where your career is determined, not by aptitude or interest, but by the natural color of your hair, what happens when your family and your destiny clash? After a most successful session at school, Kyle is rewarded with a vacation. He returns home, unexpectedly, and is shocked at what constitutes normal in the entertainment society he, so recently, considered home. Keep up with the Joneses and follow Kyle, the protector son of entertainer parents, as he grows up and attempts to fulfill his prescribed destiny and as he figures out if his destiny places him outside of his world or maybe outside of the whole world.

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