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Word Lover podcast #7

Welcome back to Word Lover.

Word Lover episode #7

This week, we return to the fiction by fulfilling a request for another story about Drusilla. In Episode #5, we met Drusilla and her new friends, Beth and Chloe, in a cafe where they met and realized they had all selected the same major at the university. This week’s story is the continuation of Drusilla’s Tale that leads her along and into the novel. Where this tale leaves her is where her adventure really begins. This week’s reading is the combination of three blog posts:

Drusilla, part 1 – Meeting

Drusilla, part 2 – Maui

Drusilla, part 3 – Mayhem

Combined together into a single reading, you get almost 19 and 1/2 minutes of story. Also in this episode, I begin keeping you aware of how my writing is going by relating my word counts between episodes. This keeps me honest and lets you know how the writing is going (which some of you have asked).

As always, the theme music for the podcast is provided by Danny Schmidt. Please visit Danny’s website – www.dannyschmidt.com – and let him know that you heard his music on this podcast.

Have a great week and drop me a note or a call to ask a question, let me know what you think, or just to say “hi.”

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