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Share and Enjoy – Playing for Keeps

I was sitting in the living room on Saturday, watching something on T.V. (I don’t remember what is was now.)

One of my teenage sons came in and plopped down in the chair to my left, a book in his hand. Without so much as a nod to acknowledge that I was in the room, he opens the book and begins reading, somewhere in the middle.

We sit like that for several minutes before the puppy makes a whimpering sound and i rise to open the back door to allow the puppy out for her version of a trip to the necessary.

Upon returning to my seat, I catch a glimpse of the book’s cover. It is the book I gave him for his birthday, last month. He is reading the copy of Playing for Keeps that I bought on the day it was released.

I had already listened to the audio version of the book and read the PDF version, but I like Mur and want to support her efforts (as I hope someone will help support mine, once I get that far along) so I bought several copies of the book and gave them as gifts.

As he read, oblivious to my notice of his book choice or not caring, I flashed back through the story and enjoyed the momentary “fast forward” retelling in my head. Good stories are like that. You can enjoy the memory of them like you enjoyed the introduction to them.

I just wanted to share the passing of the story to another generation.

Share and Enjoy!

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