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Letters from the Heart #13

Dearest Alexandra,

I am so very sorry about not being able to write sooner. I have written several letters, but we have been … very far away and could not get nor send mail. Shortly after my last letter, it seems that all the missions were just warmup for this last one. Yes, love, we have been on a single go for the past two months.

Two weeks after the last letter, we took the Pacific Express out to Tether Island. After another week’s wide up the elevator, we arrived at Clark Station. We had to assist in quelling a labor uprising on Clark. I’m sure you heard about it on the news.

After Clark was secure, we were shuttled to Luna One. I know this is hard to believe, but I was walking on the moon. When you looked at the last month’s full moon, you were looking at me. After becoming accustomed to lunar gravity, we back to Clark where we had a ship waiting. We settled into the berths for the 2 week ride out to the Vulcan-19 asteroid.   

I am dropping this letter in the box for the return trip. Hopefully it will make it there before I do, but the mail is funny like that sometimes, especially out here.

I’ll drop you another letter on the way back.

I’m only a heartbeat away.

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