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Fun with Roomba

We have had a Roomba for a while at home, and really loved it. Since I am working out of town and have an apartment, I got a Roomba for Xmas for my apartment.  After getting it, I set it to clean the boys’ bedroom to make sure it was going to work properly before turning it loose on my apartment. After 30-45 minutes, the boys’ bedroom was looking good except for one of the boys’ new rugs – the black rug.

Thinking that the rug has an edge just a little too high, I picked up the Roomba and placed it in the middle of the rug and turned it back on. It did a herky-jerky, round and round dance backing up the whole time until it backed itself off the rug and went about cleaning the rest of the floor – but not the rug.

We tried the other, newer model, Roomba. It jerked a bit, but stopped with a warning that told us the problem…

The Roomba won’t clean a solid black rug. It sees black as a cliff, like the edge of a step. funny little Roomba freaked out on the black rug and refused to go back on it. I played with the Roomba by placing it in the middle of the black rug and watched it try to back up to safety.

We still chuckle about the Roomba not cleaning a black rug. The Roomba cleans the rest of the house, but one rug still has to be taken outside and shaken.

funny little Roomba.

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  1. Rug
    4 February 2009 at 22:58

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