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CONTAGIOUS breaks into the New York Times Bestseller list

I am happy to call my self a junkie (a fan of Scott Sigler’s work). I am doubly happy that by purchasing a copy of CONTAGIOUS and by spreading the word about what a fantastic storyteller Scott  is, that I contributed, in a small way, to his success.

From Scotts Sigler’s website:

That’s right, in the first week of release, CONTAGIOUS hit #33. The hardcover fiction list is like the Super Bowl of bestseller lists, it’s the big-time, and even #33 is a pretty damn big accomplishment.

From this moment on, and for the rest of my life, I get to say “New York Times Bestselling Author Scott Sigler.” Granted, I’m used to hearing “will the defendant please rise” and this is way, way better.

This is all you guys. Thanks for your constant support, and thanks for rallying around a strong opening weekend for CONTAGIOUS. Next novel out, our goal will be to crack the top 15, but for now, nailing the Grey Lady feels just fiiiiiiine.

So I am wondering if we now have to address Scott as “The New York Times Bestselling Author and Future Dark Overlord, Scott Sigler” or will “Master” be enough?

Way to go, Scott!

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