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I blame my wife

Starbucks Logo

For most of 2008, culminating in August with the Defense and PhD degree, my wife has been in the throws of writing her Dissertation for her PhD. During the course of the seemingly endless late nights on this epic quest, she made friends with Starbucks – her “happiness in a cup.”

With the economy in the tank, my company felt the need to close for two weeks over the holidays. Thus, I was at home for most of two weeks.

Most every day, as we (my wife and I) went about the errands and shopping to get ready for the family holiday get-togethers, we would stop and get “Two Vente Vanilla Lattes with half the syrup.”

The day I was scheduled to drive back to Columbia, to catch a flight to Phoenix, I awoke with a massive headache. Nothing helped this migraine (aleve, nap, etc.) until my wife realized that I had not had coffee in two days – Starbucks to the rescue!

Tonight, as I went to shop for work, I was leaving the mall when, out of the corner of my eye, I catch familiar letters “ST” on the edge of a sign. The next instant, I was standing at the counter ordering “One Vente Vanilla Latte with half the syrup, please.”

Until recently, I never got the Starbucks craze, but now I get it, and I blame my wife.

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  1. 9 January 2009 at 01:00

    I think Starbucks puts extra caffeine i or something that addicts us. In that slightly “I’m happy now!” sort of addictive way…

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