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CACopeland.com featured on Whole Wheat Radio

On Wednesday, 29 October, Jim Kloss, founder of Whole Wheat Radio, mentioned my website – http://www.cacopeland.com – on his daily morning show. Not only did Jim mention the site, he went on to read my two paragraphs “About the Author,” read and talk about NaNoWriMo, and then he proceeded to read the entire text of Letters from the Heart 11 – on-air, live to all his listeners.

I listen to Whole Wheat Radio, and have for several years, because I really like the mix of music and WWR’s mission.

Our “mission” is what we’re passionate about. And have been passionate about during the 6+ years we’ve been on-the-air and on-the-internet. Much of that mission is currently facilitated by the founder of WWR, Jim Kloss. But, noted in the mission itself, one of Jim’s goals is to see Whole Wheat Radio function outside of his involvement as a self-sufficient independent “online collaborative wiki radio station.” Several of the mission statements are rooted in that goal.
  • Support independent musicians by airing their music and providing an open wiki platform for pages related to their music at no charge to musicians, fans or the general public.
  • Remain a grassroots volunteer and donation-funded, non-commercial, non-grant-based, non-google-ad-based, non-hyped website and webcast where the focus is on personalized and mutual appreciation between musicians and fans and not just between “product” and “dollars.”
  • Involve an “open to all who contribute content” internet community in the day-to-day operations and decision making of the audio webcast and the wiki in order to foster a sense of ownership and pride and insure the healthy survival of Whole Wheat Radio beyond the involvement of the founder.
  • Educate musicians about the PRO (Performing Rights Organizations) and other entities which control royalty collections from webcasts such as Whole Wheat Radio with the goal of creating a 100 percent Royalty Free webcast that benefits musicians outside the realm of financial royalties and introduces them to the power and reach of the internet while attempting to empower them rather than leach off their talents.
  • Create a new paradigm of appreciation for musical creativity and discovery that prioritizes artistic expression, communication and connection within the musical community over “the biz” while at the same time demonstrating that such an organization can be run competently and with fiscal responsibility.
  • Demonstrate open financial accountability by making all donation income and expense records (except names or personal information) available for online inspection by the public.
  • Provide a working model for others who are interested in fostering a noncommercial, nonhyped, fiscally sustainable internet-based collaborative to support working independent musicians.

I want to take a moment to Thank Jim and the Wheatheads (Whole Wheat Radio listeners), some of whom expressed their support of my participation in NaNoWriMo this year. Jim was not as interested in some of my science fiction work (which is fine), but he liked the Letters from the Heart and was excited to hear about my upcoming project for NaNoWriMo – the memoir about my grandparents’ farm, the title of which is Shady Rest.

Please support independent musicians and visit Whole Wheat Radio. Listen and join in on the live collaboration to meet some of the other wonderful people there.

I really enjoyed hearing Jim talk to me, about me, and reading my writing to others. It was fun. (Let’s do it again…)

Thanks again, Jim.

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