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Letters from the Heart 12


Roger has disappeared. I am sure I told you about Roger, First Lieutenant Smith. He has saved my ass more than once. You met his wife Paige at last year’s picnic … no, wait, I dreamed that. Anyway, Roger’s wife is Paige and they have a house near Buckhead, North of Atlanta.

Roger was cashing in some leave time to go visit his wife and their little girl, Beth. He was on a chopper headed for Dobbins Air Force Base, when something happened. At first, I thought it was just a drill, then I thought it was just a communication snafu, but I just got out of a radiation safety meeting, I guess the rumors are true and some sort of nuclear incident happened.

We heard only one report after Roger crashed, I am transcribing it here for you, so Paige will know.
My chopper suffered a catastrophic failure while en route to Dobbins AirForce Base. As the pilot attempted to retain control of the aircraft, I heard him attempt to radio in that he detected an EMP just prior to complete failure. I was the only survivor of the crash. It took me 6 hours, on foot, to reach Dobbins.

Once I arrived, I found the base unguarded. All power systems had failed and no electronic device or computer would operate. Having suffered a broken arm in the crash, I reported to the infirmary to seek a medic. I found no medic, so I fashioned a sling and rested to await evac.

When it became clear that no evac was coming, I struck out and found the base’s occupants dead. All buildings beyond the offices and infirmary were destroyed or burning. All aircraft were either damaged beyond flight or simply nonfunctional. After exploring the entire base, I found that Naval Air Station Atlanta and Lockheed Martin were likewise deserted of living personnel, with their facilities likewise damaged or destroyed.

Returning to Dobbins, I found that someone had an old truck – a 1965 Ford – that, because of its lack of computer systems, was still functional.

Once this letter finds you, grab a few things and get out. Call Paige to see if they need anything.
Head towards the hills. Stay safe.

I’m only a single heartbeat away.

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