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Letters from the Heart 10

9 September 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear Alex,

Rain. For six straight days it has done nothing but rain. It rains all day, and just as the sun goes down, it starts raining – until dawn, when it keeps on raining. You know I love a good rain and especially a good storm. Many nights we would just lay in the bed and listen to the rain pound our little house. Those were some of the best sleeps and most special of times, in the dark next to you – close, very close, but not touching, our bodies stripped of clothing to savor any breeze from the open windows and stave off the heat of summer. When a rainy breath would slip in, the chill would cause all the hairs on my body to stand straight and the shiver was all the more special because it was shared between us.

I love a good rain, but this is just too much. I am so wet that my feet slosh, even when I am barefoot. After the third day in XXXXXXXXXXX, I have given up trying to eat. By the time I could get a packet or can opened, it would be so full of water to make it more like soup than anything else.

This was supposed to be a simple recon mission. An easy one to let the team get a chance to get out of the infirmary, but not overtax ourselves and get back to work, but this is anything but easy, it is nothing if not one of the hardest trips yet. I’d much rather take hard combat to all this creeping around on the ground and being rained on for a week.

I sure hope it is sunny where you are. I imagine you in your white sneakers, red shorts, and white tank top, sitting on the front steps in the sun reading this note. The thought helps me get through the night. I remember the sunny day when we got that letter. It was such a nice day up until then. Be warm and enjoy the sun for me.

a soggy heartbeat away.

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