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Drusilla, part 2 – Maui

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Don’t start in the middle, be sure to read Part 1: Meeting before you read Part 2: Maui


Beth and Chloe knew, though Drusilla could or would not see it, the time of the trio would always be the “good ol days,” now that Dru and Topher were together. Despite the ending of an era, neither Beth nor Chloe could begrudge Dru for falling for this guy. Each knew that, had the dice rolled only slightly different, any of the trio could have met and fallen for the tall, blonde haired guy with the dreamy blue eyes. Topher, they discovered, was attentive, respectful, courteous, imaginative, very intelligent, shy, and above all, head over heels in love with Dru. Though Dru loved him dearest of the trio, Beth and Chloe loved him, too. He, immediately and intuitively, recognized the trio for their special bond and did his best to intrude into that space as little as possible.

As Autumn passed into Winter and Winter to Spring, the trio became a foursome, or at least a pair of pairs. The foursome attended classes together, studied together, ate together, attended many of the same parties together, and celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Valentine’s Day together. Though Topher and Drusilla were parted only for essentials, the occasional class, and to sleep, it was still a surprise when Topher invited Drusilla home with him, over spring break, to meet his family. Having spent the last four spring fling weeks as a trio, Beth and Chloe just didn’t have the heart to enjoy this last spring fling as much as in previous years.

Returning from the family introductions, the foursome became a definite pair of pairs. Beth and Chloe would always remember the time before that last spring fling as one of the happiest during college. Dru and Topher wore their new confidence in each other like armor. Each had eyes only for the other and their unswerving faith in their future together spread into every other aspect of their lives. They walked straighter and with purpose, unless together, when they appeared to float just above the ground. Graduation approached with the inevitability of the sunrise and the couple faced it and reveled in their love and its strength.

Prior to the spring fling week, the word “marriage” was never mentioned, privately nor publicly. Upon their return, however, the subject was as sure to come up as was the moon on a clear night. One such clear night, around the apartment dinner table, Chloe could stand the suspense no longer and asked, “Dru, when are you going to make an honest man of him?”

Chloe was well known for cutting right to the heart of an issue, but the question’s abruptness caused coughs to erupt around the table. Dru looked at Topher and he returned the look, “Well, love, are you going to tell them or shall I?”

With a touch of pink rising to her cheeks, Drusilla explained, “You see, it’s like this. We have talked about it, but we are not sure we are ready yet.”

Beth sputtered, “Ready, yet?!”

“Yeah. What do you mean you’re not sure if you are ready, yet? You guys spend almost every waking minute together, as it is. Except that Topher would not move in with you, you’re practically married already,” Chloe interjected.

Dru raised a hand, “None of us are here to get an MRS degree. We are here to make a difference, or at least to get started so we can make a difference. Topher and I talked about it and agreed to finish our degrees first, so we decided to not live together until graduate school, whether married or not.”

Topher, looking at Dru, began, “Beth, Chloe. You guys are two of the best friends I have ever had. I know I don’t need to, but I wanted to thank you for welcoming me into your lives. I really appreciate the kindness you have shown me and Dru. We wanted you to know first, and we were just looking for the right time to tell you. Well, it looks like this is it. I want to marry Dru and she wants to marry me, but there is something we need to do first. This may sound weird, but we need to do something crazy, some rite of passage before we are ready to make that next step.”

Dru, laying a hand on Topher’s, picked up the conversation, “Topher and I are going to Maui together after graduation. This is our graduation present to each other. We walk with you guys, party with you guys, sleep it off and on Monday fly to Maui. We are only there for three nights, but that will be enough time to do it.”

As eyebrows shoot up on Beth’s and Chloe’s faces and smirks form into protests, Dru continues, “NO. Not that ‘it.’ We are going to skydive at night over Maui. This is going to be our rite of passage. We will be done with the part of our lives spent apart and if we can do this together then we can do anything together.”

During the stunned silence, Dru and Topher lightly squeeze the others’ hand.

The silence shatters with their response, loud, immediate and in stereo, “You’re crazy!”

Find out what happens in Part 3 of Drusilla’s tale: Mayhem

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