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Drusilla, part 1 – Meeting

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Since her freshman year of college, Drusilla and her best friends, Beth and Chloe, had been more like sisters than friends. The trio met in a cafe, all having already decided to major in Psychology. Thereafter, their class schedules rarely differed. They lived on the same floor in the dorm and after the next summer, the trio shared an apartment, just off campus. Their lives were filled with shared secrets, laughter, classes, parties, and even a few hapless guys that dared to try and come between the trio. It was not until the latter half of their junior year, when individual specializations in their common field began to tug at their time together. As Dru bid her sisters goodbye that spring, to attend a summer internship at Emory, none of them could have known that this was their last moment as the trio.

The waning summer brought the sisters back together with news of summer adventures and an eagerness to catch up on each others’ lives in their absence. As Beth and Chloe, having scored appointments to the same internship over the summer, completed the tag-team telling of their adventures, dates, and mishaps, the sparkle in Dru’s eyes caused them to pause and say, in unison, “What’s his name?” The bubbling could be held no longer and Drusilla began erupting with details.

“His name is Topher. I met him my second week there. He was also doing the internship, and get this – he goes here!”

Beth struck first, “Tofer? What kind of name is that?”

“I asked him that. He said it was a nick name, short for Christopher.”

“Oh, okay. So, you say he goes here. What’s his major?”

“He’s a Psych major, too!”

Chloe wedges into the conversation, “Have we had classes with him? What’s he look like?”

“He’s the tall loner who always sits in the back corners of the class. The one with the wavy blonde hair and those dreamy blue eyes.”

Lost in thought for the moment, Beth just manages, “um,” as Chloe presses on, “I remember him. He is very tall and thin, like a basketball player, but with a slouch that says he doesn’t like sports.”

“YES. That’s him!”

Beth, catching up, “Okay. You met this guy. He goes here and has our major. So, what? It was just a summer fling, right?”

Chloe and Beth exchange a glance as Dru seems lost in some memory. Chloe leans over and snaps her finders in front of Dru’s nose. Dru blinks a few times and looks at her sisters. Again, in unison, Beth and Chloe groan, “Oh, no. Don’t say it.”

As the pair close their eyes in resignation, Dru squeaks, “I’m in love!”

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