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Letter to Me


Congratulations on graduating High School! Some people may try to tell you that high school was the best time in your life – they are wrong. High School will often be held up as an example of ridicule, persecution, isolation, pettiness, and shallow people. High School reunions are for people who want to renew those feelings or to show off their superiority and wealth. Trust me, you will never want to see or seek those people out again. You may meet a few as time goes along, but don’t hang on to ol’ Fort Payne High – It’s over. One note though, about Tonya. You have tried and I will tell you it is not meant to be. Save the time, don’t meet her this summer. It is better to end it now rather than go and be sad. End it clean. She has a different path than you.
You are wondering, so I’d like to tell you I’m your crazy rich uncle. Alas, no, none of these. You can call me C.A. and I know about Angie Lokton, so that should prove that you can trust me. I am not going to spoil the surprises for you – that’s half the fun. I am just going to pass along some advice as you head off to college.
First, you need to move more. You are skinny now and in pretty good shape, but if you manage to work with those computers you like to play with, as a career, you will need to learn to love moving. Walking, running, biking, hiking, and swimming are all good. Watch for the signs – the belly pooch is a male trait in the family as is excessive snoring. These can lead to health dangers. Eat healthy, whole foods, organic – you’ll be better for it.
Next, enjoy your family. Know your sisters and your brother. Get to know Lisa. She is more like you than you know. Having her perspective will help you through many times. As we get older, it is our family that helps us through the hard times. Your parents love each other. You will come to an understanding of how your Dad could be gone so much, as soon as you have a family of your own. I won’t bother trying to explain, but you will get it in your own time.
Trust your instincts – those flashes of insight and gut feelings – they will rarely fail you. There are no unimportant moments. Be present in the “now.” The past is gone, like water in a river, and the future is like a wisp of cloud that may show sun, rain, or a rainbow. Stand in the now and take it all in.
There are only a few things I will say specifically… In college, join the band and march every year, as long as you are able. Though it was not necessary during most of High School, in college, do your homework – it makes the biggest difference and also go to class – nothing can replace hearing it first hand. To hear it is to learn it. Do what you love and love what you do. Also, never stop writing – poetry, stories, whatever – you won’t be sorry.
Don’t date Carrie and Do date Toni. If you move to Milwaukee, take Toni with you or you will not stay. Always be honest, loving and caring. If you want or wonder – ask.

Follow these tips to make a good life into one of legendary happiness.

Be well, Be safe, Go Carefully
It’s All Good

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