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Letters from the Heart 7


I remember this like it was only yesterday. You wrote that you don’t remember the next thing, well I do.

We touch, as our lips and tongues have already confirmed as the right thing to do. We are lost in the kiss, riding the ebb and flow of emotion, yearning, loss, union, until we must breathe, parting only for a moment before …

… before the cheer rises in the crowd. The jeers, the clearing of throats, and the embarrassed blushes flood over those assembled to have witnessed the intimacy of our first kiss as husband and wife.

You are recalling our wedding day, my love. I am sorry that you didn’t have the whole scene and am glad, if this letter finds you, to have finished it off for you, and put you at ease.

The next scene, at the reception, is one I will always remember too. We are standing at the reception table. My white gown exposing my shoulders, the only part of me that was the least bit cool – damn, that dress was hot – beautiful, but hot. You were so handsome in your tux, and radiant – yes, you glowed.

We were behind the reception table, enjoying the music and our family and friends around us. You had turned to me and taken my left hand in your right and was playing with the ring you had, only a few minutes before, placed there for all time. At this, I toyed with the ring I had placed on you, as well. It was then that you did “it.” You reached up with you right hand and tweaked me right on my breast. The grin on my face at your audacity was reflected in yours of mischief. We lowered out heads together and glared with amusement and defiance into each others’ eyes.

The day was wonderful, beautiful and more than I could have imagined it could be.
I am hoping that you are safe and will remain so. It crushed me to learn of your injuries and I wanted so much to run to you and hold you. Know that I am with you and will always be.

Always in your heart as you are in mine.

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