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You an author?

I received a comment this morning via the Live Chat widget.
I am sorry I was away from the screen and missed the visitor, but wanted to respond.

Hey — what’s with the book? You an author? AND an IT guru??

Actually, Yes.
I am an IT Professional with 16+ years of experience in various aspects of technical projects, corporate messaging, administration, analysis, and IT management.

For many years, while traveling, I have listened to audiobooks and in more recent years, podcasts and podiobooks. Over the past 3-4 years, I have met a lot of authors that have embraced the new media (podcasts, podiobooks, audiobooks, blogs, twitter, etc.) explosion nand have become friends or at least fans of their work. I have toyed with the idea of writing for a few years now, and at the inspiration and support of my new friends, I have begun to write.

Currently, I am writing a novel (working title is Age of Aurals), a memoir (working title is Shady Rest), and a series of short episode fiction on the blog (Letters from the Heart).

The various projects keep my brain engaged and active as I work on my writing craft. My goal is to release Age of Aurals as a podcast once it is complete.

Thank you for visiting, mystery guest. I hope you return and we can chat more.


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