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Letters from the Heart 6


The docs tell me that I’m healing at an amazing rate and physical therapy begins tomorrow. After being so non-stop since getting here, this waiting around is simply the worst. I hope that I can walk around, at least, once physical therapy starts. Maybe if I could get a little fresh air, I could maybe enjoy the time off, instead of dreading each day as a repeat of the one before.

I have also been repeating other things, too. I have been having the same dream, every night, for the last week now. Please write back to me and tell me how this ends. I always wake up before the end and it feels like a memory half remembered. I’m pretty sure that since I am not going anywhere, a letter could find me.

I stand and take you by the hand, lifting you up to stand before me. Your height, being a foot shorter than mine, urges you to stand on tipped toe. Releasing your hand, my hands lightly brush your cheeks before spreading fingers wide and brushing the tops of your ears and then the fingers disappear beneath your golden tresses. My hands follow the fingers along their running through the hair until they find the back of your neck. Tipping your head back, I bow my head in reverence. Moving toward a little piece of heaven, I stop, feeling your breath only a moment from my own. With a final inhalation of your scent, I close the final fraction until our lips touch – only the lightest of touches, like butterfly wings.

Slowly, I press into the embrace we each know and want with every fiber of our being. A light touch of my tongue on your lower lip is met by your tongue slipping out to greet me. The restrained passion of the kiss withholds the flood for a full 3 seconds. When the flood begins, our bodies move to make as much connecting touch as our lips and tongues have already confirmed as the right thing to do. We are lost in the kiss, riding the ebb and flow of emotion, yearning, loss, union, until we must breathe, parting only for a moment before …

And that is where I wake up. Argh!
Please write me back and tell me what happens next.

I’m only a single heartbeat away.

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