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Letters from the Heart 5


I don’t want you to worry. I know, once I say that, you are starting to worry. Really don’t. I have had to have surgery on my legs. I am fine now and am recovering. The doctor says I’ll be up and walking in no time.

It seems that my wound was a bit more severe than I realized. I guess it was the excitement of the battle combined with the patches I used. The bullet that hit me did tear through my left thigh barely missing the bone, but it also tore into my right leg as well, shattering my right knee.

I, now, understand the danger in combining the patches as I did. Though one killed the pain, the other one ramped me up to the point that I hopped back up on the broken knee and began running around on it. The doctor says I am very lucky my leg didn’t just buckle entirely.

They flew in specialists to operate on my legs. Some of the details they tried to explain to me just sent my mind spinning. There was something about muscle stitching, metal in my legs to support them and aid in recovery, reinforcing the tendons, and several other things I just cannot put words to.

They tell me that I can expect to be in the hospital for another day before I begin therapy, but everything looks promising and they expect me to make a full recovery.

Today, I received a Purple Heart for my risk to save my teammates. I am sending it to you with this letter, so my heart will be that much closer to you.

I am feeling tired from the excitement today. I’ll write to you in a few days.

Our hearts are closer than ever.
Missing you.

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