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Letters from the Heart 2

Dearest Alex,

I am very sorry that a week has past since I sent the letter. We just got back from a mission, so I could not send mail while we are “on the road.”

I don’t know where we were, exactly, but it was warm. When we stepped off the plane, I squinted up at the blazing sun, but the blast of heat I expected wasn’t there. I am in the best shape of my life – even better than I was when I played football in college.

I realized a couple of days ago, that I no longer need my glasses to read. I remember a lot of exams and tests during the initiation. I guess one of them was an eye correction procedure. I had not realized until recently that I can see better than I ever did. In fact, the night training has helped me see at night almost as well as during the day. Remember how blind I was at night? I could barely find the bathroom without bumping into something or other. Now I guess I notice what they have trained me to see – any movement within 100 feet or so – even more during the day. Not only can I read the whole eye chart now, but I can read the copyright at the bottom.

Just before we left on the mission, Captain passed out a new set of vitamins to us. This stuff is, absolutely, the best! I got a boost off this greater than any of my college days “recreationals,” but without the jitters or crash, afterward. I did notice that the … enemy were moving very slow and clumsy by comparison to my squad. Not only did we drop in like a force of nature, we did not stop for 4 days, not even to sleep. We are true cyclones, moving independently but as one storm. We rarely even have to talk while we are acting. We just know where everyone else is and where they are about to be.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to cancel any upcoming optometrist appointments. Ha Ha. Also, I wanted to let you know that the sunset I saw, on our second day, reminded me of the sunset on our honeymoon. I am thinking of you always.

I love you and I’m only a heartbeat away.

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