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Maxine's Perfect Moment

He is going to owe me, big time, after this. If there was an award for Best Supporting Girlfriend in a Seductive Distraction role, I would have it, hands down. This poor sap has no clue, at all. He’s out here on the comfy sofa, by the roaring fire, trying to comfort the poor, distraught, girl after the big row with her boyfriend. Meanwhile in the office, the boyfriend is copying all the credit cards.

The sap is starting to get anxious and pull away. Time for more tears.

Standing quickly, the ski lodge manager is taken off guard and topples backward on the sofa. His shaggy blonde hair and waning tan, mark him as a summer surfer a few months off of the beach. Her sudden jolt causes his blue eyes to fly wide in surprise.

Maxine is pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace, her straight midnight blue-black hair spinning off her shoulders at the end of every pace as she turns to pace back. Her blue eyes resemble orbs of melting ice from the nearly constant streams flowing across her flushed cheeks. Her arms strike out, palms up from time to time as she mumbles, apparently frustrated and very agitated.

Lance, the lodge manager, stands.
“Miss! Miss!”
Now standing directly in her path, she stops and looks up at him. Her eyes, questioning – searching, as the tears finally cease.

Lance lightly takes ahold of her upper arms and pulls her to within a hands span of him. She is close enough, now, for Lance to smell her shampoo over the fireplace smoke. Looking into her eyes, he hopes that his eyes project calm and compassion and do not betray his desire for her. She does not resist his placement of her so close and he takes that as a sign. Though he really does not like being the rebound guy, this girl is exceptional. Her black hair is almost blue in this light. Her sparkling blue eyes have him transfixed, but it is the feel of her strong but supple arms that hint at her wonderful body that raises his heat to a new high.

There is a moment where can do nothing but stare into the ice blue eyes, then he bows toward her.

Where is Palms? I cannot believe that he’s not here yet. This loser is making his play and if Palms doesn’t get here soon, I may have to spoil this, myself. Here it comes, the tilt for the kiss.
Fine! I’ll just have to do this myself, but I’ll get a kiss for my troubles. Ah, the touch.

Palms appears in the doorway, striding – almost running – to Maxine, his dark hair whipping back as he approaches. As he steps up to the pair in front of the fire, Lance pushes himself back, stammering out an incoherent apology, while Palms reaches out and takes Maxine’s hand.

Turning to glance at the stammering lodge manager, “If I ever catch you even looking funny at my fiance again, you will regret it.”

What?! What did he say?

With Maxine’s shocked expression playing perfectly, Palms wheels and drags her through the room and out into the night and the snow.

Turning into the night, away from the stunned lodge manager still standing by the fire, the pair traipse into the ankle deep snow for a dozen steps before Maxine really sees the spectacle around her. She stands transfixed by the sight.

The sky is on fire but does not burn. The air is cold, but alight with red, yellow and gold.
What did he say?
I should have worn my boots. My ankles are freezing.
Was it just part of it?
The sky is beautiful. I have never seen such. I don’t understand.

The world turns from chilly and fiery to freezing and white and the snowball covers her face with a wet “splat!” Wiping her face with her left hand, Maxine looks up and sees Palms standing about 10 feet away, his eyes sparkling to match the grin splitting his face, releasing another volley. Ducking quickly into a crouch, Maxine begins gathering up her own snow to lob back.

The snowball fight lasts about 10 minutes, as the last of the sky-fire dies away into the night, leaving them breathless and standing shoulder to shoulder watching the night sky.

“That was beautiful. Have you ever heard of anything like it?”
Stepping in front to face him, “Did you mean it?”
“Mean what?”
“The next level, babe.”
She squeals and leaps into his arms.


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  1. 29 May 2008 at 10:25

    I posted the story in a first draft form. I have since re-read it and made some clarifying adjustments from comments others have sent me.

    Try it again and let me know what you think.

  1. 18 February 2009 at 00:23

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