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Gary Gygax died this morning

Thank you to Tracy Hickman and Tee Morris for getting me this information.

Gary Gygax, co-creator of the Fantasy Role Playing Game, Dungeons & Dragons, died this morning.

Like many gamers, I started with Dungeons & Dragons back in the 1980’s. I quickly moved from D&D to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (the first hardback set). D&D was the great escape for me as it was for many of my friends. I played all through High School and College. While in college, I started a game design company with a friend. I spent countless hours designing and authoring adventure modules, expansions, card and board game adaptations of books, in addition to spending many nights and weekends immersed in lands of swords and sorcery. We also spent many weekends going to conventions, where I wrote several tournament modules and a few Live Role Playing events. After college, I relocated to Milwaukee, so to be nearer the seat of gaming – Lake Geneva.

I met Gary first as a fan of the games and his books, and later as a colleague, working with him on some game design projects. It was a joy to get to know him a little.

I still run AD&D games and enjoy the time I can spare for designing adventures for my wife, kids, and friends to experience. And, yes, I still run AD&D (the first release) from the hardback books bearing Gary’s name.

The fun was the experience, not the rules.

It is the spirit of the game, not the letter of the rules, which is
important. Never hold to the letter written, nor allow some barracks
room lawyer to force quotations from the rule book upon you […]
E. G. Gygax, Dungeon Masters Guide, 1979.

Rest well, Gary. You will be missed.

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